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Shuttle Bus

Shuttle Bus Policy

  • 1. JICS provides shuttle buses for students to commute safely.
  • 2. The bus routes are made based on the students’ school bus applications at the beginning
         of the semester.
  • 3. Students can only apply for a route that is already available and bus routes
         cannot be changed during the semester.
  • 4. On an occasion when your child does not need to use the school bus,
         it should be informed to the bus driver or the school office beforehand.
  • 5. All students are required to fasten their seat belts and to behave in a quite and orderly manner
         while riding the school bus.
  • 6. All students and parents should be ready and waiting for the school bus 5 minutes prior to the
         leaving time.
  • 7. Please have the students greet the bus driver and the teacher in a polite manner.


JICS continously strives to provide a safe, reliable, and convenient bus service for our students and families. We ask that you assist us in doing this by abiding by the policy stated above. 

It is our mission to mold students who are not only academically driven, but are thoughtful and law-abiding as well. 

If you have any questions regarding our bus services, please contact the admin office by email at or by phone at 032-858-5050.